Yogangster Crop Top

Yogangster – Activewear with Attitude

This week I came across a great brand of yoga clothing, pioneered and created by our very own Drum and Bass legend Goldie, called Yogangster.

On Friday I treated myself to a day out at the OM Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace. As a wellbeing writer, I’m always on the look out for any new, improved or alternative approaches/brands that I can feature for my readers and that suit my lifestyle, so this was a no brainer.


Kelly and Goldie – Founders and Creators of Yogangster

There’s a problem with yoga wear that needs solving


My main quest was to find new yoga wear. I’ve been looking for decent yoga outfits for years, something that looks cool, works in the studio yet won’t make me look like a complete fool/chav if I pop into the pub, I mean ‘juice bar’ post class to meet friends. My problem with yoga clothing is that it sits in two camps:

Camp 1Hippy yogi – The traditional low crotch hemp/cotton harem pants and floaty top. Best paired with jangling chakra beads and Henna tattoos. Great for retreats and warm weather but less practical when walking through central London in December.

Camp 2 – Middle Class Lycra Yogi – The super tight Lycra two piece purchased via a cripplingly expensive subscription to Fabletics, which is great in class but a little embarrassing when you’re arriving back at work after a lunch time class, realising your colleagues are staring at your camel toe.

So the gap in the market would be to have yoga clothes that can look cool on the street and be practical on the mat right? Well that’s where Yogangster have found their niche.

Rosie Huntington Whitely in Yogangster

Rosie Huntington Whitely in Yogangster

So where does Goldie come in?


Goldie is an internationally renowned legend of the Drum and Bass scene, a pioneer of rave music and has an MBE to his name. Ok but what the f*ck does that have to do with yoga, right? Well, Goldie has been practising yoga for four years, originally he practised to sort out an injury, but the self-realisation that came with his practice turned him into an unlikely advocate.

Goldies Yogangster Journey

I’ve spoken before about how yoga has helped me with not only depression but also addictions and allowed me to feel comfortable being alone with Goldie and myself is no different. Connecting with that moment, that inner stillness has brought a great place, that place we all want and chase so hard we often run past it – contentment.

Yogangster as a brand reflects the cheekiness of the creator, the rebellion against ‘normal’ yoga wear. Most of all it shows a great fusion between Goldies musical past and current yogi state. Kelly Isaac, a revered hot yoga instructor and Goldies business partner has created something truly wearable and practical, filling that style gap.


Me bossing the brand

Me bossing the brand

The Range


Yogangster active wear is made using the latest technology fabrics and designed with Goldie’s keen eye for fashion. Never one to skimp on detail it fuses strong bold colours and prints in shapes that deliver the ultimate in quality products that help you look, feel and perform at your best. Yogangster believe that looking good in the studio is as important as looking good outside.

Encompassing a collection of loungewear & accessories Yogangster is the brand to take you from the street to the studio to a better version of yourself. The range has attitude, is fearless and looks pretty f*cking fabulous. I WANT IT ALL.

Goldie played a big part in my youth and yoga has played a big part in my growth so fusing together my eternal party girl (that will never die) with my yogic soul is perfect.  Now just to find the right Drum and Bass track to practice to….

Yogangster Crop Top

Yogangster Crop Top

A Yogangster Ambassador at the OM Yoga Show

A Yogangster Ambassador at the OM Yoga Show


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