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The 48 hour travel series

Now I love to travel, however I do have a full time job.  Unfortunately I’m not an 18 year old travel blogger with rich parents who can go on multiple gap yarrrrrrs in order to write colourful accounts of the world; neither am I a successful enough travel blogger that can dedicate 100% of their time to their craft, able to go on as many trips as they are offered and at any time of the year.

Unfortunately, like 80% of the population I have a full time job which requires me to turn up and turn it out for the majority of the year.  I do generously get 29 days holiday and a few bonus days but those six weeks are often spent on a couple of mega ‘life changers’.  Last year it was the beauty and unspoilt Sri Lanka, Croatia, Dubrovnik and Lanzarote.  This year I have the small matter of a wedding to organise and attend (my own), a hen do and honeymoon so already my available travel days are decreasing, meaning I need to optimise what I have left.

This quandary brings me to my new series ’48 hours in….’  Owing to my lifestyle, I often find that I am jetting off on a Friday night to some fab destination, roaring through what it has to offer at top speed and then jetting back on Sunday night ensuring I am ready for work Monday morning.

To many of you this may sound horrendous and a waste of money.  Well it isn’t; in fact knowing you have limited time makes you plan and prioritise which I can show you how to do (and believe me I plan NOTHING, even my own wedding is a struggle) and in terms of cash, the rise of air bnb and the cheap european flights on offer means I can travel to Lisbon, Barcelona and similar places at a cheaper price than it would cost me to go to Manchester for the weekend.

My inspiration for spending 48 hours in another country not only came from my need to optimise holiday but also from the people I work with.  I work with lots of australians and americans in London who made me realise how spoilt we are to be in the UK which is such a great base for so many fantastic destinations.  My peers were making the most of their UK visas and flying out to different european cities every month, making me feel slightly embarrassed that I wasn’t doing the same and hadn’t done the same up until this point, despite being resident for 30 odd years.

My snapshot guides will hopefully inspire and excite you to do more at a weekend rather than just netflix and chill.  You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve at a low cost and with minimal time I promise!

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red hair, yellow top

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A thirty something, fifties inspired traveller with a love of home comforts and pretty things. Lives in Norwich, plays in London.

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