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Are You Fit Enough To Travel?

It has been over the last ten years that I have become more at one with travelling as opposed to holidaying. Unfortunately this has directly correlated with an increase in drinking, a decrease in exercise and me heading towards forty – not a great combination. I’m not whining as I’m not overweight by any means…

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The 48 hour travel series

Now I love to travel, however I do have a full time job.  Unfortunately I’m not an 18 year old travel blogger with rich parents who can go on multiple gap yarrrrrrs in order to write colourful accounts of the world; neither am I a successful enough travel blogger that can dedicate 100% of their…

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Kandy – The gentle colourful city

Occupying the island’s southern heartlands, the sublime green heights of the hill country are a world away from the sweltering coastal lowlands – indeed nothing encapsulates the scenic diversity of Sri Lanka as much as the short journey by road or rail from the humid urban melee of Colombo to the cool altitudes of Kandy or Nuwara Eliya….

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