Sustainable clothes – fashion future?

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Sustainable beauty

Waste reduction, recycling, corporate responsibility and sustainability. None of them are sexy words but one company is making their ethical output sexy.

H&M are arguably the leaders of fast fashion. Sure, Primark may have won awards for being a great high street provider but H&M, for me, appeals to a wider audience. The store has some cheap and cheerful basics and some celeb inspired collections, but it also has styles that appeal across the generations, budgets and tastes. Some might say that hnm trys to push itself too far, being jack of all trades and master of none with the more expensive collections struggling to sell, but for me the test and learn approach they embrace is brave and rare.

Fast fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful and throwaway. With fashion being the second biggest contributor to pollution in the world, companies have been criticised widely over the last few years for their disregard of the planet so it’s time change happened.

Fashion sustainable

Fashion without damage

A year ago H&M launched their Conscious Collection, with pieces made from eco-fibres ranging from organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles to Tencel (derived from plant cellulose) and a glamorous adjunct of “eco” pieces including a silky hemp. When I first heard of this I rolled my eyes, imagining loose, hippy dresses with tassels, tie dye and unflattering shapes.

The collection is the designed by Ever Manifesto whose founders Elizabeth Von Guttman and Alexia Niedzielski model the collection themselves alongside the gorgeous Amber Valetta.

I’ll be honest, when I first viewed the collection I had no idea they were Eco friendly. The collection launched for the spring is beyond beautiful and wouldn’t look out of place on a cat walk. Last year pieces were worn by celebrities on the red carpet and I can see this collection having the same appeal.

I absolutely love it and have cleaned out my local store with an all new capsule wardrobes for spring. Think 50s flared midi skirts, cropped silky blouses, padded cropped topped with voluminous sleeves and cropped denim shirts. The collection combine dusky links, cream, back and denim with beautiful textured heavy fabrics that compliment and move. It’s available in 150 stores worldwide so check on the H&M site to find your nearest stockist.

So have H&M cracked it? Their vision is to be perceived as a company who can offer all people in the world – even those without much money – the possibility to dress really well and sustainably. Well, not quite as this collection isn’t as cheap as their other brands costing on average 30% more. Tops start at £19.99 and skirts £34.99 but you’re helping the planet while looking fabulous so what better way to justify it.

My tip : give it a go as I think it’s worth the extra ££’s if you like paying for quality. If you want to save extra then buy this months Glamour magazine and receive 25% off retail prices.

I think it’s another brave move for the company and I hope others will follow as it all helps.

Leather silk organic fashion

Leather, silks and cotton lushness


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