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Santorini Food and Drink

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Great food in Santorini

When you are in Santorini there are several things you have to eat because most likely you won’t find them anywhere else. Number One are the tomato-keftedes which are deep-fried patties of Santorini tomatoes, onions, flour and whatever ingredient each restaurant puts in that makes theirs special. Probably there will be someone in your entourage who will eat these every meal. Also unique to Santorini is their fava which are yellow split-peas, similar to the familiar green split-pea soup but served with onions and olive oil and eaten with bread. The white eggplants are also unique to the island, though of course now you can find them all over the world. There is something called a katsouni which is like a cucumber but has a dryer texture and a different taste. Capers are also grown here as are a round zucchini squash and a small watermelon. But the most important food on the island is the Santorini cherry tomato which because it rains so little (like not at all in the summer) will probably be the most intensely delicious tomato you have ever eaten. When you go to a restaurant insist on Santorini tomatoes. You can recognize them because they are small and ridged. Everything else is pretty much the same as you will find on other islands in the Cyclades and in Athens though some restaurants have a few things they specialize in and it does not hurt to ask your waiter what that is.

food santorini

Food with views

The best food product in Santorini is the wine and there is no reason to drink anything but Santorini wine unless you are drinking Santorini tsipuro or you don’t drink. The wine is Santorini is unique owing to the volcanic soils bringing in this beautiful mix of minerality and flavour. I can only liken it to an expensive Sancerre or pouilly fuisse. Santorini is a place of white wine with few reds produced so make the most of it. Despite it being locally produced it isn’t cheap; expect to pay 20 euros for a bottle in a supermarket at up from 30 euros in a restaurant. I recommend going on a cheese and wine trip to taste as many as you can – you’ll be impressed.

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My top restaurant – It wasn’t cheap but the Mylos restaurant is exceptional for a special night’s dinner. Fabulous cocktails and a beautiful tasting menu that will make you exclaim after each course. Great service too.

Mylos Santorini


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