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My Plant Based Week

Everyone has his or her own reasons for going on a plant-based diet.

Whether it’s because of doctor’s orders, an eye-opening documentary, or a pushy friend, many of us find ourselves wanting to try it.

Much like many of us, I had lots of excuses as to why I couldn’t do this – mainly down to lack of inspiration on recipes, perceived difficulty, a busy lifestyle and a carnivorous husband.

How I got started

I was fortunate enough to partner up with allplants to help me on this journey.  This company seems to understand our ‘push – pull’ struggles with going plant based and appreciate that busy people need great food that heightens their mood and fuels their energy. They feel food should be ‘delicious, nutritious and colourful, while not costing the earth’ which is why they’ve produced a range of meals to be delivered to your door.

Their totally plant-based dishes are cooked slowly by hand, perfectly portioned and quickly frozen to lock in all the goodness, ready to enjoy, without waste or worry, in your own time. Unlike other food box companies there is no complicated preparation and recipes to follow and owing to them being frozen, you can eat them in your own time.  Great right?

Even better, each of the restaurant-quality dishes is in recyclable packaging via carbon neutral deliveries – so you can be kind to yourself and the planet.  Another tick!

My plant based week was pretty easy with these meals, especially as they even managed to convince my husband that this kind of diet can be tasty.

My All Plants Delivery

My All Plants Delivery

My Meal Plan


For breakfast

I would always have porridge made with almond milk and full of cinnamon, honey, seeds, nuts and medjool dates.  Not forgetting my usual two cups of strong coffee.

For lunch

I enjoyed various home made (and shop bought) fresh soups with rye bread from my local baker plus some dairy free chocolate (Hotel Chocolat do some lovely stuff).  Lets be real here, AS IF I was going to give up chocolate.

For dinner

All I needed to do was microwave an allplants meal which took less than ten minutes.  I am normally majorly against frozen food but these are so fresh that you wouldn’t know.  During my plant based week I enjoyed Cashew mac (vegan macaroni cheese), Jerk Jackfruit (vegan jerk chicken) and mousakka.

The meals were really tasty and looked good (aesthetic appeal is important where food is concerned).  The flavours were incredible.  You can tell that the seasonings and combinations of spices had really been thought about.

It was embarrassingly easy to be honest with allplants delivering a great selection to my door on a day convenient to me – woohoo!

My only difficulty was on a personal level as I am a cheese fiend and having nut based cheese was a little bit odd, however if you want to stay on a plant based diet I think you’d get used to it as an OK substitute.

Jerk Jackfruit

Jerk Jackfruit

Cashew Mac

Cashew Mac

So what did I find after a week eating plant based:

  1. I lost weight.

Generally speaking, plants are low in calories and high in nutrients. This means that eating plants will give your body a big nutritional bang for its buck. So you’ll eat less, need less and feel fuller. Also, plants help keep us regular (you know, expelling waste), which helps us stay slim and toned.

  1. I digested like a pro

Plants, particularly raw plants, have oodles of nutrients in them. That means that when you’re eating plants, your body has to do little work to digest your food. Eating natural, whole foods makes it easy for your body.  I noticed less (ahem) wind that week, more regular pooping and less stomach rumbling.

  1. I had more energy.

Plants give our bodies instant energy! Since they require so little digestion, their nutrients shoot right into our blood stream to give us instant, lasting energy. Plus, expelling waste on a regular basis thanks to all the fibre in plants is also very energizing, as waste literally weighs us down and makes us feel sluggish.

It’s a joke among my friends about how often I nap.  I often think it’s because of my poor diet and love of sugary things that gives me energy extremes but during this week, I didn’t nap much at all.

  1. I saved money.

Superfoods aside, plants cost less than meat. When dining out, the vegetarian options are always cheaper than the animal ones. When shopping at a grocery store, a head of broccoli is always less than a filet of fish. Learn to cook primarily with plants and watch your body AND bank account get happier.

With allplants you’re looking at around £5 per portion on their meals which isn’t bad considering the time you save and the quality of product.  Even if you just order them once in a while for a treat it’s worth it.

Three days of All Plants meals - each one serves two

Three days of All Plants meals – each one serves two

  1. I forgot to count calories

I used to count calories for every meal.  Processed foods make you obsessed with it.  Eating plants means eating box-less, package-less, totally natural, unprocessed foods. So there won’t be any more labels and calorie contents to worry about. Plus, as you eat more plants, your body becomes cleaner, absorbs more nutrients and feels more full and more satisfied more quickly so you’ll be eating less calories without even knowing it (and without even having to keep track).

  1. My skin changed for the better.

My skin often suffers owing to the amount of pollutants I stuff down my neck, especially this time of year when I’m drinking more alcohol and eating rich foods.  However, after a week of plant based meals, my skin was really clear.

Longer term, I’ve been told that your hair, your eyes, your skin AND your nails benefit.  The detoxifying and elimination benefits of plants, combined with the easily-digestible aspect means less internal toxins are hung on to by the body. Plus, fruits and veggies themselves contain beautifying vitamins, such as the vitamin C in sweet potatoes (which boosts collagen and smooths wrinkles) and lycopene in tomatoes (which helps protect skin from the sun).

  1. I slept better.

Constantly getting a steady and diverse supply of nutrients provides our bodies with the materials necessary for replacing aging cells with new, lively cells and also helps lower our cortisol levels which helps us relax into deep sleep easier. Plus, balanced nutrition helps manage cravings, so we’re not consuming as many sleep-inhibiting stimulants like processed sugars and caffeinated sodas.  Plus, plants actually provide us with serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan, three neurotransmitters that help reduce anxiety and boost relaxation – great for a restful night.

  1. I thought clearer.

Eating more plant foods means eating less processed foods which are the biggest thieves of your mental clarity. Plus, eating more plant foods means more efficient digestion, and more efficient digestion means more energy and time your body can spend on doing other things like thinking clearly.

I’m currently going self employed and have been putting off so many tasks yet last week I seemed to get so much more done and to a higher standard which was great!

The only thing to maybe invest in is a decent vitamin B12 as sometimes it can be hard to get this from plants.

My conclusion

I definitely noticed the benefit of plant based eating this week and the meals provided by allplants illustrated that it doesn’t have to be a difficult lifestyle to follow.  Although I don’t intend to go fully plant based yet, I intend to have three days a week where I follow this eating plan.

I won’t lie, some days are hard but being plant based doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.  There are so many dairy free cakes and chocolates around now and they taste amazing!  Weirdly, the worst thing for me was not having proper milk in coffee!

In January I aim to do a full plant based month to fully appreciate the benefits of this lifestyle.  Going plant based is great for you and the planet so it’s worth a go right?

For further information on All Plants plant based meals, please go to #ad



Jerk Jackfruit pre cooking

Jerk Jackfruit pre cooking

Cashew Mac pre cooking

Cashew Mac pre cooking

Delivery note from All Plants

Delivery note from All Plants


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