Using The Body Clock iTENS for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is awful and awfully common

I’ve suffered from chronic pain for a number of years. In fact, most of us will at some point in our lives have experience it, especially as we age or exert ourselves during sport.

Chronic pain affects up to half of the UK population and I’m no different. I suffer from Scoliosis (an S shaped spine) which gives me neck and back pain.  More recently I managed to sprain my sacroiliac joint bringing on sciatic nerve pain (lucky me right).  In terms of wellbeing, having physical pain can directly impact out mental health too.  In the last few weeks, my sprained back has made me quite sad as I cannot sleep or do things that I love such as yoga.  In fact, even writing this isn’t altogether comfortable on my office chair.

It was exciting to get the opportunity to try the new Body Clock iTENS. This is the first medically cleared wireless TENS machine all controlled from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.  With my back being so bad at the moment if I could make the Body Clock iTENS work for me then it must be good.

iTENS – What you get in the box


How does it work?

TENS machines are often used by physiotherapists and this is no different, following the same principles. Sticky electrode pads are placed precisely on or near the pain area. Then pulses are sent from the TENS machine through the pads to the skin. The pulses then travel along the nerve fibres, suppressing pain signals to the brain. TENS can also encourage the body to produce higher levels of endorphins – the body’s natural pain killing chemicals.


Is it tricky to use?

The machine was super easy to set up. It was simply a matter of charging the battery (takes two hours), sticking the gel pads on the device wings and then pairing the iTENS via Bluetooth. The iTENS app allows you to be really specific around how you use it. You can pick either a condition or body part to target and choose how you want to treat that body part – so easy.

All I needed to do was to stick the machine to my lower back and hit a massage setting via the phone app. Immediately the pulses started to soothe the pain.  Best of all, I was able to sit in bed and read a magazine while the machine was working.

iTENS mobile app

Does it hurt?

Lots of people hear something like ‘electrical pulses’ and immediately think this isn’t going to be pleasant.  I can honestly say that the pulses were soothing.  Your muscles will twitch a little as the pulses start to work but remember you are in control.  You can make it as gentle or as strong as you like.


Why should you bother?

Other than the pain relief, for me there was a big cost saving compared to other care. Over the course of August and September, owing to my sacroiliac sprain, I was spending £80 a week on a combination of massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture. The machine works for 24 hours on one charge and the gel pads can be reused 10-15 times, making it so economical.  I should point out that  this isn’t a replacement for professional care, but can certainly supplement it.

There’s also the time all of that takes. We have families and busy lives so pain relief that you can use at home is so much easier.

Back pain being treated by the iTENS


Where can I get one?

Check out the links below:

Amazon –

iTENS direct –


Still not convinced?

My final thought would be to let you know that you’re not taking a chance on a new company that might disappear tomorrow.  These guys know their stuff.  Body Clock have been making these kind of products for 25 years and supply the NHS and the Private Hospital Sector as well as famous high street companies such as Boots, Asda, Lloyds pharmacy, John Lewis, Mothercare and many more. The iTENS has no side effects like so many other pain treatments and you’re in control of how you use it, making it less stressful than being in the hands of someone else at times. I have really enjoyed using it and have made it a regular part of my routine.


Please note I was sent this item to try for free from the lovely people at iTENS but all views are my own.



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