Are You Fit Enough To Travel?

It has been over the last ten years that I have become more at one with travelling as opposed to holidaying. Unfortunately this has directly correlated with an increase in drinking, a decrease in exercise and me heading towards forty – not a great combination.

I’m not whining as I’m not overweight by any means but I’m not FIT ENOUGH for many things that are important to me in life with seeing the world being at number one.  My steady decline into laziness, rich food and wine has meant I’m more built for an all inclusive holiday where I lay on a sunbed for a week rather than exploring and making memories.

It was only a few years ago when I was walking around the streets of Lisbon with my two girlfriends that I realised how bad physical shape I was in. As they were wanting to walk to every landmark in the city, I was huffing and puffing up the undulating paths and constantly wanting to stop for breaks where I’d consume custard tarts and coffee, giving me an immediate sugar rush followed by a sugar crash a few hours later.


Take the healthy option

This wasn’t the only occasion where my general health has held me back. In Sri Lanka last year, my now husband and I wanted to walk up to see the top of a waterfall but I had to stop and go back half way up as I couldn’t catch my breath. In Dubrovnik a few months later I was unable to cope with all the stairs, my legs aching and shaking after a day, leaving me feeling upset and a bit useless.

Dubrovnik steps

Dubrovnik steps were painful

I got married last month and the stresses of that haven’t helped my regime. Rather than get ‘fit bride’ focussed I’ve been ending every day with a few glasses of wine, the occasional yoga class and lots of snacking on high sugar low fat snacks like popcorn which, for someone that suffers from depression, has impacted both my mood, physical shape and mental wellbeing.

The final slap in the face moment happened on our honeymoon last week. We went to the beautiful Santorini – a town built on the edge of a volcano. To get anywhere meant walking up hundreds of steps so I was constantly tired and achy. I spent the evenings pretending I was eating healthy, normally consuming a block of feta and a bottle of wine and then feigned shock upon returning home with a six-pound weight gain.


Volcanic and steep Santorini

In September I am going on safari with my husband for his 40th and a second honeymoon. This time I don’t want to see him looking sad or slightly annoyed at the shape I’m in. I want to be full of energy, fit and healthy

From the beginning of July I am going to dedicate myself to a health program – not a diet but an all round new way of living that will help me have clearer skin, a strong body and a clear mind so I by the time I turn forty in December I am in the best shape I possibly could be.

I currently have no exercise program and my approach to healthy eating is quite hit and miss so this will be a challenge but one I am looking forward to conquering.  For all those of you who want to join me, I’ll be blogging my progress. Keep your eyes and ears open and I’ll show you some of the most effective ways to be fit enough to travel anywhere and how to stay healthy while doing it.


Not fat but not fit

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