This section is a non sugar coated account of the things I do to try and improve wellbeing. I’ll try ANYTHING from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some things work and some don’t, but I promise I’ll review them all honestly.

Furthermore, I’ll talk about the things I do that make me happier. For me, it’s the things that stimulate the senses. I’ll explore the taste, touch, smell, sight and sound of things in a mindful way.

The wellbeing experiences I cover will range from traditional counselling therapies to dancing through the house naked to some 80s tunes.  Everything is worth a try.

This section, in fact this blog as a whole is in no way a substitute for ‘real’ therapy.  However it gives ideas of experiences everyone can benefit from to live a calmer life.  Most of what I recommend can be done just by using your mind and a bit of willpower.  Anything is worth a try right?

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Anxiety Hacks To Get You Out

Anxious to Leave, yet Anxious to Stay – How to Limit Anxiety When Leaving the House There’s lots of situations that makes anxiety pop up to say hello. One of the most overlooked and yet common ones is simply leaving the house. Is this familiar? It’s Sunday night, already you’re thinking about Monday morning as…

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