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Ocean Horse Riding In Jamaica

Horse riding through the ocean is such a romantic notion, one on a few peoples Bucket Lists. Despite growing up on the coast and loving horses, I’ve never had opportunity to do this. However, in both Montego Bag (Sandy Beach) and Negril you are able to explore Jamaica’s countryside on horseback followed by an ocean…

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Anxiety Hacks To Get You Out

Anxious to Leave, yet Anxious to Stay – How to Limit Anxiety When Leaving the House There’s lots of situations that makes anxiety pop up to say hello. One of the most overlooked and yet common ones is simply leaving the house. Is this familiar? It’s Sunday night, already you’re thinking about Monday morning as…

Montego Bay markets

The Two Faces of Montego Bay

Montego Bay Jamaica has two distinct faces: there are the smooth tourist resorts that tempt you into its white sanded, smiling faced beauty in travel brochures; and there’s proper MoBay, a pretty gritty city, second only to Kingston in terms of status and chaos.  Both are unique in their own right and deserve your time…

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